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VoIP Installations | Coastline Communications LLC

Voice over Internet Protocol is revolutionizing the telecommunications industry, and Coastline Communications LLC is on the cutting edge of this...

Telephone System Installations | Coastline Communications LLC

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing business telephone system, or are considering replacing it entirely, Coastline Communications LLC is...

Network Cabling | Coastline Communications LLC

Network cabling is quite often at the heart of your data and communications network. It is the means by which voice, data, and Internet services are...

Trust your next telephone system installation to the professionals at Coastline Communications LLC.

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Coastline Communications LLC is your full service telecommunications company, offering VoIP installations, telephone system installations, and network cabling, throughout Oxnard, CA. We are the experienced telecommunications specialists that can handle all of your cabling, VoIP communication installation, and networking cable installation at the most competitive prices available.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is your broadband communications solution that frees you from analog land lines forever. Coastline Communications LLC is your total VoIP solutions provider. We offer all three VoIP configurations. Whether you’re looking to set up an analog-telephone-adapter system (ATA), an IP phone system, or a computer-to-computer system, our team has the skills, equipment and workforce to help you capitalize on this revolutionary technology, in a variety of formats.

Coastline Communications LLC also offers a wide range of telephone system installations options. We have complete turnkey systems ready to go that include voice and data cabling, Dmarc extensions, and complete installation, programming and training packages. These systems are perfect for small offices, open office layouts, plant or production floors, and multi-story office configurations.

Let our engineers design and install a complete network cabling system in the latest cable specifications, including Cat5e, Cat6, and even the super fast Cat7a. These cabling set-ups are perfect for data centers and storage area networks, and provide you and your company the flexibility to grow your information network to keep pace with your rapidly expanding business model.

Coastline Communications LLC is your complete business telephone and network cabling systems solution provider that is ready to design, install and service every aspect of your telecommunications requirements, including VoIP, telephone, and networking services.

Secure your Internet communications future. Get in touch with Coastline Communications LLC, and learn how we can revolutionize the way your company communicates through our full line of telephone system installations, VoIP installations, and network cabling. As our slogan says, “We’ll Hook You Up!”